High Captain Dominique Zanatov

Daughter of Sebastian, presumed deceased



Dominique is a noblewoman in her eighties, but some speculate that she wears the skin of a woman half her age. She has a bionic eye which is rumored to double as a las weapon or a blow gun, depending on the source; if she has any other augmentations, they are not visible.


Even if she hadn’t been the offspring of Lord Captain Sebastian Zanatov, her skillful use of wealth, blackmail, and assassination would have assured her ascendancy to the High Captain’s chair and made her the heir to the dynasty.

Her greatest accomplishment to date was convincing Zekce Kaizen to merge their Warrants. Soon after, her son, Quantus Zanatov, had Kaizen and his closest advisers arrested and brought to the Hydra’s crew reclamation facility.

She was on the bridge when it exploded, and is presumed dead.

High Captain Dominique Zanatov

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