Lord Captain Sebastian Zanatov

Head of the Zanatov Dynasty



Sebastian is immensely wealthy, powerful, ruthless, and corpulent. He ostentatiously clothed in the rarest textiles and exudes a perfumed aura potent enough to make breathing difficult for those around him. Rather than walk, he is borne on a palanquin by gilded servitors who were once members of his harem, and is attended by zealous guards and a sycophantic entourage everywhere he goes.


The Lord Captain of the Zanatov Dynasty is close to one hundred fifty years old. In that time the dynasty had achieved great heights, but it has seen a decline in recent years. Sebastian has stepped aside in favor of his daughter High Captain Dominique Zanatov, perhaps in an effort to inject new blood and energy into the leadership of the dynasty. He now lives a life of pampered luxury and pleasure on a moon orbiting a gas giant.

Lord Captain Sebastian Zanatov

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